New Boreal 2020 catalogue

We are seeing troubling signs such as obesity, increase in diabetes, and increases of heart and orthopedic issues with much of the dog and cat population in North America. After spending our lives working with animals we knew we could do better. The result is our Boréal® line of pet food formulated to provide a balanced and healthy diet similar to what dog and cat ancestors ate. Boréal® sources the majority of our ingredients from local Canadian farms, grown and raised under world-class conventional agriculture quality standards. Our dry foods are made in Ontario and Quebec using Green Whole Peas and Northern White Beans grown in the prairie provinces and Southern Ontario. The meats used in our dry foods are from Canadian raised chicken, turkey, duck, and sustainable salmon farms. Lamb is imported from New Zealand. Boréal® wet foods are made with chicken, turkey, and beef from Canadian farms, lamb from New Zealand, and sustainable sea products raised in British Columbia and Thailand. Our focus is on producing affordable, healthy, low glycemic index foods. Télécharger catalogue 2020 HERE.pdf

Download catalogue 2020 HERE.pdf

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