About us - Natalie moseley

Natalie Moseley Pet Products is a Quebec, Canada, based company founded in 1994 by Natalie Moseley. The sales and rep agency specializes in high quality pet products and accessories. The agency offers many diversified products such as collars, jewelry, toys, coats, boots, beds and other trendy products. 

Natalie Moseley Pet Products is a company that focuses on service and customer satisfaction. With more than 16 years experience in pet products and accessories, Natalie Moseley Pet Products offers a wealth of information & practical advice.

Over the years, Natalie Moseley Pet Products has excelled with it's distribution network. To this day our company has built an impressive loyal client base which is made up of pet stores, specialty boutiques, veterinary clinics & hospitals and grooming salons througout the Province of Quebec, Canada.